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Lil Wayne - Execution Style Verse

Somebody, Nobody, Yo BuddyNail your head with nobodyOh I didn’t wanna step to meI’m from the home of the steppersAnd no one take time out, i’m like new orleans like weatherEvery so devious, mean and mischievousWe all gotta eat,and im the mothafuckin’ greediestCheck my previous, im the hardest, they the easiestThey wanna know what Weezy is and what kinda disease he isI cant be cured, ya cant cureGotta scope and a red beam for when i aint surePeek-a-boo muthafuka i see yaYou a pussy, and i would love to be gonneriaStraight run up in your casa tie up mama-miaLet her getchu on the phone, gun will hurt of the earI ain’t playing right now, no not right nowI’ll shot you in your muthafukin smile hahaha

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